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Theme Events

Regarded by guests, city visitors and locals as the most special moments at Lato Boutique Hotel, our thematic evenings are second to none in Heraklion.

These events take place throughout the year at Brillant, Aroma or Herbs’ Garden restaurants, depending on season and event type.

All our events are carefully planned and announced in a timely manner. Bookmark our site, follow us on  Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or read the local newspapers to learn about our latest offers. If you registered to receive our newsletter you will learn about it ahead of the journalists, and social media fans.

Food & wine tasting nights

In the company of loyal regulars whose numbers constantly rise, nights devoted to the art of flavors and enjoyment together with great wines created by Cretan winemakers have become a trademark of Lato Boutique Hotel, and take place in Brillant and Herbs' Garden restaurants all year round.

Nights with live music performances

Tunes from talented bands, famous artists, known local DJs and resident DJs permeate Lato’s entertainment spaces daily. Music decorates the premises of Brillant Restaurant in the evenings, creating the appropriate environment for festivities with or without any special occasion.

Christmas' & New Year's Eve

All the magic of this festive period unfolds in the mouthwatering delicacies, music and luxurious, warm atmosphere that easily resembles a classy, cozy family gathering. Lato Boutique Hotel offers you the chance to celebrate Christmas' and New Year's Eve in the most festive and special manner, and with memorable flavors and decorations.

Saint Valentine's dinners

Brillant Restaurant comes first for those wishing to celebrate St Valentine's Day. The celebration is carefully planned to bring out romantic feelings along with the finest flavors, live tunes and warm atmosphere your special someone will always remember. Colors, essences and music are all synchronized to heartbeats.


Always in a festive mood, and offering specially chosen menus that match the spirit of the day, plus welcome surprises like dancers and musical performances, Lato Boutique Hotel and Brillant Restaurant welcome the Carnival with delicious dishes, inspiring melodies, and unforgettable events.

Greek Orthodox Easter

Specially prepared fasting flavors are in store for you. Tasty dishes you have never tried before as well as local and traditional lamb soup with Cretan herbs are just a few reasons that make Lato Boutique Hotel the ideal choice to spend your Easter break. Our restaurants dress themselves in the colors of the traditional festivity, always in the company of fine wines, as required for the occasion.

Children’s events

Always entertaining and educational, children’s events at Lato Boutique Hotel offer our little friends and parents creative and relaxing events in beautiful, exciting, and safe surrounds, topped with marvelous treats.

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Hall's Capacity


Area in sq.m. 54
Theatre 55
U Shape 35
Classroom 35


Area in sq.m. 48
Theatre 35
U Shape 18
Classroom 16


Area in sq.m. 107
Theatre 70
U Shape 30
Classroom 40
Lunch-Dinner (seated) 60
Lunch-Dinner (buffet) 40
Standing(cocktail) 170


Area in sq.m. 112
Theatre 80
U Shape 30
Classroom 50
Lunch-Dinner (seated) 70
Lunch-Dinner (buffet) 48
Standing (cocktail) 250


Area in sq.m. 219
Theatre 180
Classroom 80
Lunch-Dinner (seated) 130
Lunch-Dinner (buffet) 110
Standing(cocktail) 350-380

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