Zenon Christofides, Lato Boutique Hotel's executive chef

Zenon Christofides, a native of Heraklion since birth, took his first steps into culinary creativity at age 15. Learning to cook beside Chinese Chef Dene Lee, Christofides quickly became addicted to the infinite complexity of food art. The multidimensional nature of blending tastes, the nature of pure raw materials, and the endless medley of combinations enthralled him.

After completing his tourism studies, Zenon's craving for gastronomy intelligence was fed through myriad seminars with the leading chefs, both in Greece and abroad. Studying the likes of Ferran Adria, Martin Berasategui, Alain Ducasse, and others, his path became like theirs, a well worn lane inside culinary science.

Out of natural course, important partnerships with internationally renowned hotels and restaurants followed. Christofides matured into one of Greece's most masterful purveyors of fine cuisine. Of course competitions and awards ensued, as well as literary critiquing and gastronomic authorship confirmed the talent that was obvious from the beginning.

Zeno's life work now is to masterfully orchestrate symphonic creations made up of the most excellent local products, the inherent beauties of the Cretan land, which resonate in the unique and exquisite flavors this great Cretan conductor invents.

Today Lato Boutique Hotel's Executive Chef composes an all new scale of mouth watering recipes, but the harmonious concert of fine dining has only just begun.